Desire and daughter Michelle, Seiko claims he fathered

Desire and daughter Michelle, Seiko claims he fathered

Major Juma Seiko has confirmed that he indeed DATED curvy singer Desire Luzinda and FATHERED her 10 year old daughter Michelle.

This comes after local tabloid Hello! Uganda published the story. Luzinda has since refused to acknowledge Seiko as Michelle’s father. While chatting on phone, Seiko- who also works as General Salim Saleh Personal Assistant- insisted to Xclusive UG that he was Michelle’s dad and said no other man can ever impregnant Luzinda. He said: “I know all corners of Desire’s vagina. No other man knows her better than me. The Seyas have tried her but they can never balloon her. It is only me who can. All the

others are beepers.” However the army man- who also confirmed that he used to engage is sexual intercourse with Luzinda in all places including his home on Buganda Road- no longer beds the singer. Major Seiko

He added: “You must understand that ever since Seya (Al Hajji Nasser Ntege Ssebagala) bedded Desire, I have never gone back to her. Even my wife and children know all this.” When asked how Luzinda is in bed, Seiko laughed out loudly and said: “Muganda wange kiwooma nyo but I decided I will never go back to her. All I do now is look after Michelle and she knows it.” However our phone conversation was cut short as the flamboyant Sebei man received other phone calls.

He promised to get back to us. Full interview to follow…


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