Mozey Radio showey at the BET flag spot

Mozey Radio showey at the BET flag spot

The faltering relationship between singer Moze Radio and former manager Jeff Kiwanuka has finally hit rock bottom with Jeff blasting Radio in a bitter exchange over the Easter weekend.

The pair almost went native and physical when they bumped into each other at their Makindye home. The two- alongside Weasel TV- stay in the same flat they jointly own. On Sunday morning drunken

Jeff attacked Radio hurling all kinds of insults at him.

He is quoted: “Gwe kasoga gwe nakujja Busoga musapatu atte ojakudayo ngabwewagya” literally meaning that it is Jeff who got Radio where he was and, that previously he was a simple musoga.

This did not go well with Radio who in turn accused Jeff of robbing them of their monies and murdering his own brother.

It must be remembered that Jeff’s brother one Henry Kiwanuka died mysteriously last year and was buried secretly and at night.

But Radio’s claims can’t be proved. Details to follow…


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