rolls roycePanamera Bar boss Andrew Desh Kananura is back! Desh has bounced back on the scene with a state of the art Rolls Royce Phantom luxury vehicle with ‘4 DESH’ personalized plates.

Snoops have established Desh’s new toy is a white two seater SL 6.5L with a 453 Horse power. We are however yet to establish how much Desh spent on the UK made ride but car experts reveal that a Rolls Royce Phantom is estimated to be Shs470m.

According to source, Desh shipped in the sports car a few weeks back and has been cruising it around town. In fact, on Tuesday morning, former catwalk queen Judith Heard could not believe her eyes when she met Desh driving his new toy which she described as her dream car on social media. “However, Desh responded by saying that it is just a Rolls Royce and there is o need t make a fuss about it”.

A few days ago, using his Facebook page, Desh thanked God for making his dream of driving a Rolls Royce come true. “Dreams come true if you believe, Thank you Lord” Desh posted. Desh has also warned hater who had

written him off the scene by referring them to the Bible. “You have to be careful of writing off people over one season in their life; The Bible says judge NOTHING before it’s time but judge the righteous judgment.

People will judge you at one stage on your life, and they think because of something you did or accused of at one stage in your life, there is a continuum the rest of your life and what they don’t realize is that some people who messed up over here, repented over there, got free right here and the person who is talking about them is in worse shape than the person who did it or accused of it, and because they haven’t got an update! THAT WAS THEN and THIS IS NOW”, the Panamera bar boss posted on Tuesday morning.

Desh Kananura

Desh Kananura

It should be noted that early this year Desh was involved in a court battle after being accused of obtaining money by false pretense. Earlier, he was accused of torturing and killing one of his employees at Panamera Bar identified as Badru Katerega in 2012.


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