John Segawa

John Segawa

There is a brewing beef developing between Afri-talent director John Segawa and Pastor Aloysius Bujingo over managing Bat Valley Theatre. Sources reveal that initially Segawa had been managing Bat Valley Theatre under a lease contract over a specified amount of time.

It is at this same premises Segawa runs Red Night bar which also hosts several theme nights which include Akandolindoli Comedy show. However we have now learnt that Pastor Bujingo who runs House of Prayer International Ministories which has been sub renting Bat Valley theatre from Segawa are now feuding badly that the pastor wants to take over the theatre

solely and rent it full time church. Bujingo’s church has been renting from Segawa and they conduct their prayers from 11am to 2pm daily and night prayers on Friday nights.

It is said that the two parties are now colliding due to conflict of interests. Bujingo feels its high time that he takes over the management of the theatre instead of sub-renting from Segawa who has a contract to manage the place from its owners.

It is said that sometimes their events collide because the artistes normally have shows that start when church is not yet concluded. We don’t know how this battle will end but if the pastor takes over the theatre, it might end up in the same way Pride theatre turned into a church.


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