EXCLUSIVE...Chameleone Finally Set To Leave In-law's Pad, We Unleash Pictures Of His New Munyonyo Mansion

Chameleone’s house

Late last year singer Jose Chameleone was forced to quit the house he was renting in Muyenga. He ended up shifting to his father-in-law John Scarabrin’s house in Luzira. Scarabrin bought this house for Daniela, Chameleone’s house.

Since then the top singer’s family has been staying there free of charge, saving $1500(shs4m) per month he was renting in Muyenga. However since moving to his inlaws, the singer has been a subject of ridicule with many people laughing him off as a joke.

Chief among these is music rival Bebe Cool. But all this is set to be history with the singer set to relocate to his new house in Munyonyo. Sources say the house is complete with expensive interior décor.

We have not yet established how much he paid

for this house but he bought it from a businessman in town and the two sealed the deal around December last year after the singer verified all the documents regarding the ownership of this Munyonyo based mansion. We have learnt that the singer has been paying for this house since December when he deposited shs300m and since then he has been paying money he gets from any big deal.

Chameleone shifted from his home in Seguku in January last year to rent tycoon Babirye’s Muyenga house after the singer could not stand his neighbours following the death of one Robert Karamagi at the Seguku home.

The singer used to receive abuses and threats from his Seguku home neighbour whenever he would be driving in and out of his home. It all started after the death of one Robert Karamagi who was beaten as an intruder and allegedly burnt himself at the musician’s home on December 26, 2012. Karamagi died a few hours after being admitted to Mulago hospital.


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