Being a celebrity is hot and being a girlfriend to a celebrity is even hotter but nothing is hotter than a celebrity wife. Fame makes everyone hot but let’s accept that these women would still be gorgeous without fame. Here are the most outstanding beauties ever to grace celebrities’ homes;

Natasha Sinayobye
Natasha met Michael Kaisaja while in Obsessions and they fell so madly in love. They left Obsessions got married and formed there own dancing group Kombant dancers. The charming dancer and actress is a mother of two but it is hard to believe because she still looks young and sexy.


Natasha is a charming dancer ,actress and a mother of two

She has that look and body every woman craves for. Natasha is also a judge with hot steppers.

Zuena Kirema


Zuena is rated as one of Uganda’s sexiest women.

Bebe cool’s wife is a true definition of beauty. She is rated as one of Uganda’s sexiest women. Her complexion makes her attractive with or without make up.

The thing is that this mother of three knows her strong supplementary points- her smooth legs, thighs and big eyes. Who can blame Bebe Cool for always fighting for her? No wonder she was Miss Bell lager at one point. Happy birthday Zu…


Daniela Atim

Daniela is not only hot but has humility too. She met Jose Chameleon while at Makerere University and from then her life has never been the same.

The mother of three is so gorgeous. Her killer smile melts everyone’s heart while her body is what every model craves for.

Their wedding was what every girl dreams of. She was flown in a chopper to her reception at Serena hotel after exchanging vows at St. James church in Binna.

Barbra Itungo

Barbie's glowing skin speaks volumes about skin care

Barbie was leader of scripture

union at Bweranyangi girl’s school.


She was leader of scripture union at Bweranyangi girl’s school. Barbie as she is usually called says that ever since she married Bobi, her identity has gone to the dogs.

A young, intelligent, dazzling and God fearing girl has been married to the self proclaimed Ghetto president for sometime now and she says that her identity is no more. “I now live in the shadow of my husband” she says. Barbie is very hard working woman and she owns a shop in Kamwokya. Barbie and Bobi have two kids now.


Aisha Mayinja

Aisha met Ronald Mayinga while she was in high school. The two fell madly in love and will be getting married before this year ends. A friend revealed on their wedding that Aisha was dumb in class and marrying Ronald has saved her from hustling. Aisha’s complexion is unbelievably good, her smile and big eyes leave men talking.

Her curvy body brings out the true definition of African beauty. Her light complexion makes her even more attractive.


Hadijah Uhuru

Hadijah is married to Salim Uhuru the proprietor Uhuru restaurants and LC3 chairman Kisenyi. Hadijah is undeniably beautiful. Her smile is one to kill for and her curvy body, light complexion makes her even more attractive.

A mother of two Hadijah has managed to keep in shape. She stands out from the crowd and looks hotter than some of the babes who claim to be virgins. Hadijah is a sister to former Miss Uganda Aisha Salma Nassanga


Mariam Mbabazi

Mariam is married to Ugandan veteran musician Raga Dee. She is undeniably beautiful; looking at her it’s hard to believe she is a mother of four. Though she has little education background, Mariam is a very hardworking and intelligent woman.

You will never find her in scandals like very many of our celebrity women. The stunning lady keeps a low profile and is committed to her family and children that’s why she is rarely seen in public.


Judith Heard

To some she is not as hot as the others on this list. But Judith Heard has got the killer body. Ever since her nude pictures leaked last year Ugandan’s have come to one conclusion, the mother of twins (yes twins) has an unbelievable body.



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