It was just yesterday that socialite and business lady Zari Hassan made headlines when her pictures kissing a new man leaked. Zari was pictured kissing one Farouk Sempala, a city conman who claims to be an operative with State House. These pictures got us thinking; Ever since Zari hit the limelight she has made more news for dating men than anything else.



Unlike facebook, where one is able to review and see all the friends and colleagues’ friends; Zari is said to have bedded a string of men from businessmen, to conmen, to boys and to singers. Where as it is difficult to tell what happens between the sheets, it is simple to categorize people who have been friends.

But the question is, ‘what makes these people become friends; what bonds them?’ are they relatives or they have a common

cause? Zari and her conquests form an intriguing social network in Uganda. Xclusive UG team has diligently followed and observed Zari’s sexual network, and can reveal that the statistical properties of the network are undoubtedly shocking.




For now we will just outline the men that have been connected to Zari and they are;

-Ivan Semwanga
-Isaac Lugudde
-Farouk Sempala
-General Jeje Odong
-Moze Radio
-Aziz Azion
-Jose Chameleone
-Robert Ogwal aka Rasta Rob
-Nigerian DJ
-DJ Shiru
-Nigerian businessman
-Tanzanian businessman who organized her boat cruise in
Dar es Salaam
-Juma Seiko
-Weasel TV



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