Kampala Casino owner Bob Kabonero is set finalize taking over Kabalagala based night spot Club Venom, Xclusive UG can reliably reveal. We can authoritatively tell that Kabonero together with top city lawyer John Barenzi have bought 80% stake in the plush night spot.

Lawyer Barenzi owns the land where Tirupati Mazima mall, the building where Venom is located. We understand that the whole

paperwork is expected be completed by the end of this month.

The previous owners of Indian origin will remain with the 20% stake in the discotheque. it is not clear why the Indian owners decided to sell but sources say business has not been going exactly as they expected. Not many changes are expected to be effected in the near future as the two owners are regulars and very close pals of Venom management led by Gareth Onyango.


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