A list of Ugandan girls rotting in Abu Dhabi prison has leaked to us. Our source (on condition of anonymity), a Ugandan based in Dubai claims that over 100 hundred girls are rotting in Al Watbha Penitentiary which is located in the desert of Abu Dhabi Al Win Road. He further claims that most of these girls were taken by one lady called Susan Namutebi who uses facebook name MTC Numbers. According to the source Namutebi earns 7000$ from each girl.

But however she connects them she takes away their passports to make sure she is paid her full monies ($7k).

Now most girls have been nabbed without the passports and have been in prison for almost 8 month now. “We have tried to talk to Susan to give the gals there passports but all in vain.


Gals are crying day and night but she doesn’t care. Now we have started to fight for them through media,” the source informed us. The girls in jail include Rachael Kawato, Rachael Nama, NANYONDO SHIBA, KAHUNDE VENNY, ROSE MUTORO, JAMILA AND LYDIA. And here are some of the pictures…. Accused Namutebi, under her Badi Events, will be taking singer Maureen Nantume to Dubai later this month.


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