Sylvia Owori has organized a lineup of top city lawyers as she prepares to appeal her lost case against Nasser Ntenge Sebagala for the custody of their five year old son Adam.

Our sources tell us that fashion guru Owori and her ‘very bright and immensely intelligent lawyers’ are preparing an appeal that will ‘without doubt turn the magistrate’s’ head. In the dossier Owori will argue among other things that Sebagala, who is said to live alone with cooks and shamba boys, has no capacity to raise a child.

Sources tell us that Owori now believes her legal team was inexperienced and never exploited Seya’s record and dirt, to show him as no better than a failure who can’t raise a kid. Owori is hopeful that if she presents her case well, she will get her son back. The fact that Adam is only 5 years old will also be

exploited by Owori’s counsels.

However she understands that it’s a child constitutional right to know his/her biological parents and that to deny a child that right is the worst violation of a child’s rights. Therefore she will ask court to allow Seya to have access to the kid, but not to take him into custody.

However another source tells us that Seya is ready for all this and has newspaper cuttings of Owori making out with various people. Pictures of Owori swapping saliva with the likes of Andrew Mwenda, Prince David Wasajja and Zari Hassan have been a common appearance in newspapers.

We understand that Seya will also argue that Owori has ‘spoiled’ many people’s hitherto innocent daughters using her modeling agency cum escort service. It is claimed Seya has all the proof. This could prove to be one of the most interesting family cases in Uganda. Watch this space!


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