Looks like all is not well in Zari/Ivan paradise. Again. Business lady and cocialite Zari Hassan has revealed that her life is in danger after admitting her rather confused husband, Ivan Semwanga is threatening to kill her.

Zari posted on her Facebook page, “Ivan has said is going to gun me down if I don’t go back to him, did he has a life before me.” This will come as a shock to many considering that the couple has been enjoying a steady relationship lately. At least for the last few months, no

case of the usual domestic violence has been reported from their home.

The two actually looked just fine together at the White Party in December. However it is known that Zari is the queen of making up appearances while in public. “Even if she were battered in the night, she will appear the happiest woman the following day,” her pal once said. It is not yet clear why she posted this on her facebook, but you can be sure there’s no smoke without fire. Or she is trying to grab the headlines…


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