Socialite Judith Heard has finally returned to Kampala following her leaked nude photos. The socialite had earlier told pals that she was not about to return to Uganda following the selfies. A few days ago we published Judith Heard’s naked pictures which were leaked by a stray boyfriend. Since then social media has been awash with the socialite’s pictures which reveal her privates.

By the time the we published the pictures at 9pm, the mom of two was planning to return to Kampala from Kigali. “She was actually on her way to the airport,” a pal told us. But we have since learnt that she cancelled her flight and has told family she won’t return until the dust settles. “She has been left humiliated and embarrassed.

All she thinks about is how her two angels (babies)

will take it in,” the pal added. The pal adds that the model has decided to let the hullaballoo go down and then return to Kampala. For the last three days, mom of two Judith’s pictures have been a sensation. In the selfies, Judith Heard’s private parts are on clear show, displaying her privates.

Judith might not be very well equipped in the looks and figure departments but boy, she’s got really amazing body parts. One thing that is for sure is that she’s got a firm body. “Considering that she is a mother of two and a big party animal, Judith has really looked after herself pretty well. She should be proud of her body,” said an expert. Judith is married to a retired American soldier Dr. Alex Allen Heard. The two have a pair of twins. Judith describes herself as half mutooro and half munyarwanda.


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