Laftaz comedian Prince Ehmah- real names Emmanuel Otim- has separated with the mother of his baby one Eve Atukunda. Eve accuses the comedian of domestic violence. According to sources, Prince Emmah has been staying with his baby mama for over four months and is alleged to have been abusing and harassing the mother of his baby. The situation got out of hand when Emmah disappeared into thin air with the baby.

“When he learnt that I was leaving, he grabbed the baby and went away. He also switched off his phones,” Eve told reporters. Eve decided to call the police who responded by summoning the comedian and ordered him to surrender the

baby. In a statement that was seen by our snoops, Emmah said that his estranged girlfriend connived with her relatives to rob him the chance of being with her daughter. Eve however maintained that Emmah is free to see his daughter anytime.

Prince Ehmah has been linked to seven girls behind Eve’s back. They are; Pretty Lyn, Claire Lillian, Ruth Claire, Liz Ninah, Elana Anilah, Hellen Kobusingye, Itamba Esther.

However Ehmah insists all this is work of a hater who wants to fail him.  He says: “This story shocks me because it was just concocted by an angry person who chose to do whatever it took to twist a small issue and please their ego. The person who fodged this story is not even party to the issues, but just an ill-hearted outsider.”






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