Bad Black is pregnant! Yes the former socialite, now based in Rwanda is expecting her third child or rather third and fourth.


While she has been keeping a low profile since she was arrested a few months ago, she has now come out to announce her pregnancy. She posted: “Ma doctor s doin are great job look @ me browner than 《Beyonce》money talks bullshits works★★★★ just am shining like a diamond ♥♥♥♥ but can’t wait 4 ma twins…haha” On August 11th we told how Black real names was rumored

to be pregnant.


She posted then: “There are many fake international hospital now days cannot believe went der 4 pregnant test and stomach pain check up’ doctor told me they don’t sell pregnancy test not even medicine one last moment dey informed me am negative after waiting for 3hours results , kyoka i hv pregnancy symptoms dis doctor think am stupid or it is my first time to experience it am just confused instead o dem telling me and i take early pills bawawala nga toilet empya….kubanga gyakufila muleba buli mwaka nzala kyaba too much ebiganye.!!”


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