Former NTV and now Urban TV employee Justine Nameere has finally spoken out about the alleged shs17 million debt. In a lengthy statement sent to Xclusive UG, Nameere accuses his accusers Traited Bros Limited, a film crew that shot Nameere’s new television show titled Life and People of being biased, dishonest and mediocre.


According to sources, curvaceous Nameere hired Traited Bros Limited to film her show which airs on Urban TV and agreed to pay the company Shs17 million three months back but has since failed to pay the dime. As a result, the film crew’s boss identified as James Eupal Opio is considering dragging Nameere to the courts of law through his lawyers Ochieng, Harimwomugasho & Company Advocates.

“She was given a five days notice which ends Tuesday to pay the dimes or she faces arrest,” intimates the source. And now Nameere has spoken out. Here is what she had to say: “I am doing my work under my production house- Life and People productions Ltd in partnership with Elite Media Ltd. It’s good my show Life and People has started so at the end of the show you will be able to see the credits of which production houses did the show.

The budget of my work including research, paying my administrator; editors; crew has never added up to shs17 million shillings. Elite Media and my company have worked a lot in terms of barter and other business ways that I may not need to go into. So how then do I owe one person shs17 million Uganda shillings? In the beginning of my shooting plans, I hired a certain guy who had been recommended by somebody I met in the corridors of business.

The person told me that this Traited Bros guy given him a proposal to shoot an advert but he did not hire him because he had somebody who does that for him usually. So I gave the traited bros guy business starting with a documentary I did for a friend from the UK but he did not know how to produce good work in terms of standard shoot; cut aways and other things required from a professional camera person.

Even Micheal Owor, our boss at Urban TV did complain about the pictures, cutting, sound and all. Yet what I was looking for was not mediocrity; we needed to do a show for the viewers and give a sponsor worth for their money. So I informed the guy what was lacking; I tried to avail him with different pieces of work for reference but still could not get it right. Later I found from some body in the production business that he actually does not do camera work or pre or post production work but he just co-owns equipment with someone else and simply hires it out to people to use it and they pay him.

Being that still the arrangement of hiring him was temporary because I was in talks with a production house whose work I trusted but we had not yet concluded, I took it easy, paid off the guy the money he had worked for so far and repudiated the one month contract.( that contract which he goes around showing to people). He started to ask for the whole amount saying he had already dedicated his whole month to filming my show and me ending the contract was illegal according to him. So he wanted a pay for the whole month even when he did not work which in business is quite impossible.