Police is ‘seriously considering’ declaring kick boxer Moses Golola a security threat and barring him from ever being involved in a kickboxing match again in Kampala.


Every time Golola has fought, the fights have been marred by chaos and violence firstly because he wins controversially, and secondly he always gives his fans too much hope and then he is humbled.

The first case scenario was on Sunday when hundreds of expectant Moses Golola fans failed to star against his Romanian opponent Zlotan Paczo at Nateete Shopping Centre. Interestingly Golola won by points and yet he had clearly been beaten. Disappointed fans turned rowdyand almost lynched the big talking

Ugandan fighter before he was whisked away.

Sometime back at a fight a Hotel Africana, MC Roger Mugisha survived lynching when he announced Golola’s the winner instead of the opponent one Andreas Nagy. The same scenario happened at Kyadondo Rugby Grounds when Golola was humbled by Zsamboski seconds into the fight.


This has had police worried and according to our insider, a meeting will be convened later this week to decide on the way forward with Golola. Our source said: “Police perfectly understands that Golola is single handedly kick boxing in Uganda but he has become a joke. Police is scared lives will be lost.” We will keep you updated…


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