The storm involving Tooro Princess Ruth Komuntale and her American Christopher Thomas is yet to clear. With the divorce and secret spilling still going on, there has been rumour that a sex tape featuring the once smitten couple has leaked and is about to go viral. However, after a week of silence, Christopher has denied being the dude in the video with Komuntale.

He revealed this while on a vacation he took to work on his broken relationship with his wife. He broke silence via his Facebook page yesterday morning.

In his own words, Christopher described the video as nasty and that he has not been able to have peace even when on vacation to clear his mind. He

further claims that the dude in the video cant be him because he only has one tattoo on the arm and chest yet the dude has two tattoos one on each arm.

“Whats’s up UG, it’s a nasty video going around and I’am on vacation why no peace! Ugandan people are smart and bright individuals so please be smart and look at myself then the video.


The guy has two tats on each arm I only have a tat on one side of my arm and chest. So be real.” The fact that Christopher denies being in the video, it means he has thoroughly watched the video to notice that the man in the video has two tattoos.


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