By the look of things Ugandan musicians believe that beef is a better strategy of promoting their music careers.

Word reaching us has it that rapper GNL Zamba who has been off the social scene has sparked off a bitter feud among fellow rappers in the hip hop genre by releasing a hot song titled Caesar in which he attacks everyone.

Sources reveal that in the song, Zamba is claims that he is the

Caesar of Hip-hop industry in the replica of Julius Caeser of the Roman Empire who won many battles. Snoops who have listened to the song reveal that Zamba mainly attacks Navio, Gravity and Mun*G who he labels amateurs.

Zamba claims in the song that he is back to give content of good message to the fans unlike his competitors who are in the industry to get money. We have learnt that the song is likely to cause long running feuds between him and his fellow hip hop rappers. Just watch this space!


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