Radio presenter Katongole Omutongole met married Cissy Namagembe through his morning radio show and the pair have been enjoying steamy sex ever since then. The two physically met around three months ago. In his radio show Katongole has a segment of callers who call in to get solution from the presenter.

It is allegedly that Namagembe has been suspecting her husband of having secret kids outside their marriage. So she wanted Katongole to help her call her husband Ssenyimba twisting him about the matter to find out the truth. It is through this show that Senyimba ended up confessing have two secret kids behind his official wife knowledge. It is after the radio show that Namagembe developed bickering with her husband in the process she ended up becoming so close to Katongole.

Sources reveal that from then Katongole started becoming a regular visitor at Namagembe’s Nakulabye based Queen Beauty Centre cosmetic shop. Katongole was a few days back nabbed in a lodge in Royal Hotel with a married woman. Katongole was having an affair with one Charles Ssenyimba who accused him of eloping with his wife babe identified as Cissy Namagembe.

Ssenyimba works with Sengooba and Co Advocates insists that it is unethical for Katongole to use his position on radio to lure men’s wives into having sex with him. Ssenyimba accuses Katongole of having used his morning programme on radio named Find Your Partner, to launch his manifesto for Namagembe’s Ballot Box.

Ssenyimba has thus dragged Katongole to court, such that he can be compensated for being cuckolded, after the latter allegedly seduced his wife into committing adultery. Ssenyimba told the media: “I shall not accept Katongole’s familiarity and contempt for my family. He has for a long time been calling me, threatening me with harm me if I don’t leave my wife.” “Now I want all those who use their jobs or celebrity status to seduce other men’s wives to learn from Katongole.” On Wednesday evening, Ssenyimba narrated to press the traumatizing days he has gone through for all time Katongole has been pestering his wife for sex to the extent that he once thought of abandoning his family.

He says he changed Namagembe’s phone numbers several times so as to stop Katongole from calling her but even this didn’t help, because the two kept communicating. Ssenyimba also reveals that he suspects Katongole and Namagembe met in a salon in Nakulabye, where she usually goes for hairdos.

He laments that all along he had been asking Namagembe about Katongole and the suspected affair they were having but whenever he raised the issue she would vehemently deny everything. “I even tried talking to Katongole and Namagembe such that we could get amicable solution for the problem but they both refused, reason why I now want court to settle the matter once and for all,” Ssenyimba said. Ssenyimba also notes that as if to prove how Katongole is so disrespectful, he once told him that he cannot put a woman as beautiful as Namagembe in the market.

“Can you imagine I have twins and two kids with Namagembe? How can Katongole disorganize my family with such impunity?” irritated Ssenyimba wondered loudly. Ssenyimba contends that before suspecting Namagembe and Katongole’s sex trysts sprees, he

first landed on romantic messages on her phone from the radio presenter. He adds that Katongole later started calling Namagembe at weird hours of the day or night and they would spend several hours chatting on phone.

Matters worsened when Katongole apparently bought Namagembe a mobile phone and sim card, after Ssenyimba had barred her from using mobile phones. He says that one day he used Namagembe’s phone to send Katongole a message telling him to leave her alone, but he instead replied with a barrage of vulgar abuses.

It was at that time that he started stalking Namagembe with the help of his spies, who trailed her and Katongole, documenting their movements until he nabbed them in a lodge bonking. Spitting more fire, Ssenyimba said that Katongole is not that loaded as he claims to be and is not even sure about his health status, so he can’t stomach the fact that he is messing around with his wife.

He made it clear that he doesn’t want any money from Katongole, but a stern apology from him and signing an agreement that he has completely severed all ties between him and Namagembe. However, he has vowed to make Katongole pay for that entire he has done to Namagebe since he hooked her until they were nabbed in bed.

However, Katongole has replied to Ssenyimba’s threats by assuring him that it is him (Ssenyimba) who plots with his wife to seduce loaded celebrities such that they can extort money from them. Katongole told pals that actually to prove that Namagembe and Ssenyimba connive to blackmail celebrities, it was her who initiated the seduction between them and even suggested that they should have sex by calling him on phone. He adds that it was Ssenyimba who hurt his wife when she discovered that he has two kids with another woman. “So my job was just to comfort and counsel her, such that she doesn’t become so heartbroken and desperate.

That was how we became very close friends, something that didn’t go well with Ssenyimba,” Katongole argues. “However, although her market stall is near the saloon in Nakulabye where I go for haircuts, I told Namagembe that I have a wife and that we cannot get serious with each other,” Katongole added. However, Katongole does not deny having been nabbed in a lodge with Namagembe and said that they were found only seated on the chairs, without doing anything.


He insists that this could however have been a plot between Namagembe and Ssenyimba, because he wonders how he got to know where they were. Katongole also refuted allegations of having grabbed Namagembe and dragged her to the lodge before raping her, saying he would have had no reason to rape someone who had willingly gone to a lodge with him. Snoops reveal that Katongole has been bombarding Namagembe with sweet text messages until her luck ran out when Senyimba landed on the sexy sweet messages in her phone inbox. Early this month, Senyimba reported a threatening violence case at Nakulabye police against Katongole whom he had warned to back off his wife. The case was registered under file number SD Ref: 29/12/10/2013. Titie, Katogole’s wife is yet to speak out. Watch this space!


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