Star Jose Chameleone looked in pain as he performed for the first time since he broke his left leg a few weeks ago. The singer was performing at Buloba Forest Park Resort alongside Eagles Production on Sunday night in an event organized by Musa Kavuma’s KT Production. A few weeks ago, Chameleone broke his legs as he played with his kids at his new home in Mutungo.

Since then the singer has rarely been seen in public as it emerged that he was back in a wheel chair following the left leg break. The only sighting was last Thursday at Kabalagala based Club Venom as he was aided by a walking stick. It even emerged that the singer’s International tour that includes him visiting Canada, Norway, and Sierra Leone among other nations could be cancelled if he doesn’t heal in time.

On Sunday the singer took to his facebook wall and wrote: “I am the Challenge that makes them talk, when they feel no hope

to out challenge this unstoppable Multi Talented, lanky, African Superstar. Like the principle to fruitful destiny goes, works NOT words! I am aiming at being better everyday no matter what they say- I have this driving force I can’t help- MUSIC. So whosoever is telling lies about my health using my old accident pictures is chasing wind! Learn to tell the difference between a sprain and what you are confusing the world with. I strongly refute the allegations against me that am in terrifying conditions.

You wish I am but sorry am not! Have a blessed Sunday. LEONE ISLAND TWENDE KAAZI.” While performing in Buloba, Chameleone insisted that his left leg only has a minor strain but he was very optimistic he would be fine very soon. He urged his fans to remain calm as he performed in one position to avoid hurting the injured leg. But trust the music doctor, he impressed far better than Eagles Production singers who included Mesach Ssemakula, Geoffrey Lutaaya and wife Irene Namatovu. There was also a performance from Barbie Jay, the guy behind the Sumbuusa hit.


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