Dancehall star Peter Miles Kanyike is doing whatever it takes to forget pregnant on and off lover Cleopatra Koheirwe. We can reveal that Peter Miles spent his birthday yesterday in Dubai with his new catch. Miles- whose song Frontline is topping charts- flew the Identified as Ankunda Eunice Hilton Jemeirah Beach hotel in Dubai where the pair spent his birthday in the sand.

And he took to his facebook wall to announce his joy. He wrote: “Now this has been one

of the craziest and most fascinating b.d ive had took one of those crazy desert rides these guys drive like lunatics car almost flipped and later the driver tells me these cars actually flip at times but no one dies hmmmm……..apart from the nausea after the ride had a great time…..nuff luv to all my lovely pips who wished me a hapi birthday I truly had one.” Just a few weeks ago Cleo revealed that she was expecting her first child with Kenyan actor Lwanda. It is said Peter Miles was not happy with the news.


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