Pius Bigirimana is a man who has spent 27 years as a civil servant and has served in different capacities. For most of this time he hasn’t been popular among the youth. Well, until last year in July when a scandal broke out in the office of Prime Minister in which over shs50 billion was mismanaged.

There and then he shot to limelight as a man who endured criticisms because he stood out and exposed rotten Geoffrey Kazinda who had feasted on funds in the Prime Minister’s office meant to develop war ravaged northern Uganda. Bigirimana’s name was ‘negatively sung’ expressly in all media stations. But his continued persistence signaled the need to bring about changes in the mindset of society to ensure that one must fight for a cause! But some of our Members of Parliament exhibited sheer ignorance by continuously unleashing attacks on the President that he promotes corruption by concurring with people like Bigirimana.

But President Museveni personally had kept a secret which he recently let out with pride that, Bigirimana is

an exceptional compatriot. He was then transferred to Gender Ministry that encompasses youth. Not less than 6 months in his new office, the nation appears to be stunned by Bigirimana’s efforts of transforming the state of the youth in the country into a one of the most desired age bracket. He has penned a concept paper which reveals how youth irrespective of their education and ethnicity can create wealth through sustainable production.

The proposal shows how youth can get money from government and inject it into any business venture thus mitigating poor living conditions and unemployment. Whether entertainment industry, I.T, modeling and others business ideas are accepted. Selling his personality to the youth has been cheap for him after dousing youth’s problem and ‘toiling to make them rich’ through a Youth Livelihood Programme (YLP). With such an outstanding resilience and determination, he has inspired the youth whose perception towards Bigirimana has changed and this prompted the President while celebrating International youth day to heap praises on them for discovering and appreciating a man who many wanted to ‘kill.’ Soon the youth will certainly be riding high. And thanks to Bigirimana!


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