Bebe Cool will pocket a massive shs130 million from the organizers of his music battle against the Good Lyfe set for later this year. Bebe and Good Lyfe duo Moze Radio and Weasel will engage in a music battle set for December 6 at Kyadondo Rugby Grounds. The concert is organized Musa Kavuma of KT Promotions.

As you read this, Bebe has already

been paid shs50 million of the total amount. “He will be paid the reminder shs80 million next month,” a KT Promotions source told Xclusive UG. Meanwhile Good Lyfe stars are holding on to their demands of shs150 million to battle Bebe Cool.

The singers have demanded an exorbitant fee to battle. Kavuma has offered them shs90 million. He (Kavuma) has shs400 million to invest in the show. Watch this space!


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