THE CRICKET OVAL – It was all as planned at the very well attended Konshens and Alaine’ concert held at the Lugogo Cricket Oval Friday night. The show kicked off at 7:00pm with Dave Dash, the emcee of the night summoning deejays DJ Roja, DJ Alludah and DJ Shiru to take on each other on the spinning wheels as the crowd slowly trickled in. The Deejays were amazingly great but the performances of the local artists Young Mullo, Rema, Navio, Vampino and Jose Chameleone that upped the mood at the grounds as there was notably stampede at all the entrances on hearing the local Artists ‘blow’ on their mics



American-Jamaican reggae singer Alaine was the first to get on stage at 9:30pm, clad in black-leather top and skinny pants teamed up with black high heels. She later on removed her shoes off and performed barefooted as she wanted to do some dancing with comfort. She started her performance with slow-tempo songs like Rise In Love, Dreaming Of You, Forever More, Sacrifice before going energetic with up-tempo dancehall tunes like Fur Your

Eyes Only, Nakupenda Pia (she did with kenyaN rapper Wyre), Without You and Dying For A Cure. Throughout her one-half hour performance, Alaine was preachy urging people to love one another and have self-belief. When performing her song Sacrifice For Love, Alaine got one man from the crowds who looked all smitten and became touchy he forgot he was just a dummy for her to perform. But she was all okay with it before capping her show off with a performance on piano.


It was Konshens’ turn and the lights were switched off to cue his arrival. The crowds went into ruptures when he dashed on stage at 11:00pm bellowing out his Bad Gyal hit. Clad in a black fitting jacket, white shirt and tie with black small pants; he straight away started singing his old hits like Simple Song, Do Sumn, Gal A Bubble, Bounce Like A Ball that the crowds were familiar with. He then did his latest hits like Couple Up, Tan Up An Wuk, Walk And Wine and Jiggle. Some girl from the crowd managed to beat the security detail and stormed the stage. Konshens stopped the security operatives from hauling her off and let her dance alongside him. He later proclaimed: “Uganda is my second home”, before ending his show at midnight.


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