Madam Victoria Nabululwa aka Vicky has banned Rabadaba’s music from his popular bar De Posh of late Thaddeus Buyego. Vicky like most of Ugandans blame Rabadaba for Thaddeus’ demise.In 2011, Rabadaba allegedly stabbed Thaddeus in the abdomen.

Though he (Thaddeus) later died more than a year after the stabbing, it is believed his health problems were mostly resulting from the stabbing.

The Rastafarian was found dead at his home in Nsambya a Kampala suburb a few weeks ago.

He was a regular of Vicky’s Kabalagala based bar. In fact even on the night of his death he had been partying at the bar and it is alleged that he was involved in a fight that night. Now furious Vicky has banned Rabadaba music from the bar. Currently Raba has one of the biggest songs in Kampala titled Love Portion Mpaako.


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