Meddie Sentongo was stopped from appearing in Club Venom for his Meet and Greet by his mom. Xclusive UG can confirm that Meddie an appearance outside the discotheque, he could not get in against his mother’s order. Meddie is a strong muslim who is currently fasting. But now the question is why did he promise to grace the club?

Celebrity pals including singer Coco Finger, Miles Rwamiti,

Doreen Kabareebe, MC Kats, had all braced the club for the much hyped party. With a buzzing anxiety about the atmosphere given the memories of the times before stooping to folly – the times when Meddie dished out bundles to ladies, buddies and journalists, the times when he put up open bars and booze flooded everywhere, it was disappointment as Meddie failed to turn up. But still there was a party; only that party came short of the main man and his money show.


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