Soroti Municipality MP Hon. Mike Mukula has today morning picked Tycoon Meddie Sentongo from Luzira Prison after being declared a free man. Xcusive UG has reliably leant, Meddie left the prison at 7am and by the time we posted this story, he was meeting friends, sympathizers and beggers at Quality Supermarket located in Lubowa.

“I am with him now, he is out,” Club Venom Manager Gareth Onyango

told us on phone. A close friend told us that Meddie and Mukula developed a strong bond when the latter was incarcerated in Luzira on charges of fraud early this year. “It’s the time the two strengthened their friendship”. Meddie will tomorrow host a mega welcome party at Kabalagala based Venom Club under its theme night Tycoon Venesday party.

Xclusive UG will have a one on one with Meddie about his time under Luzira roof.


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