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Word doing the rounds indicates Big Brother Africa star Sharon O has denied Ronnie Mulindwa access to their child. According to Big Eye, Sharon O has denied him all chances to meeting his child. Sharon’s friends told the website: “Mulindwa wants to use the excuse of the child in order to get a chance of meeting Sharon O.

He should understand that he misused his chance when he had it. He mistreated Sharon, he never recognized her beauty.” Mulindwa used his Facebook account to confirm the behind the scenes issues saying: “Ok, let me put this up for discussion or debate; SHOULD PEOPLE WHO FAIL TO WORK OUT IN A RELATIONSHIP USE CHILDREN TO GET BACK AT EACH OTHER?? must u deny the other parent a

right to his/her child simply because u two didnt work out for wateva reasons??? Discuss../ Debate/” Mulindwa is considering taking the case to court so that he can have the rights to his child.

Sharon O on the other hand wants nothing to do with Mulindwa. She closed that chapter and does not want her child to even take Mulindwa as the father. In one of the sms exchanged between the two parties, Sharon O told Mulindwa: “You are not the father of my child, I fooled you, forget about us.” If this turns out to be true it will come as a major blow to Mulindwa who has all along believed to be the dad of Lisbon Mulindwa. It must be noted that over the years, one Elly Kasule,a UK based nkuba kyeyo has always insisted that he is the true dad. Watch this space!


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