Chandiru Opens Up About Her Heart Problem

Diva Jackie Chandiru has finally opened up about reports that have been circulating about the fact that she has failed to raise money for a heart operation in India.

In her message, Chandiru asks media not to make a meal out of all this. This is her full statement:

“It’s been a while since I check facebook or net for news. I kindly request this speculation to stop..everyone seems to be making assumptions and i dont like assumptions. I requested from the start that i prefer family snd close friends in this because there is complications none of you know. Kasuku live or whatever it not create a platform for pple to have discussions abt my life,health or personal life..Let alone finances of which some comments are just not suitable. Its a simple request,kindly delete those posts,yes there is a health issue but alot has to be determined and i still have medical queries. That’s what it is now.

“Sources..sources…” there is no sources. No sane person can accept an open herat surgery just like that,surgery should be the last resort but all others must be exhausted first. So please,ati failed to raise n all that…kindly have a but of respect as health is private and confidential. All these speculations are causing i and my family discomfort. So Jenkins…instead of making me a facebook topic,request ur partners kindly to stop these ridiculous posts bcoz they arent helping at all.

Certain body parts must not be messed with n who says i don’t perform?? Just stop it for now…just stop all this blubber..u ask wat can b answered,i tell u minus that, I don’t just throw my body on a table to be cut up. That,my dears is and should be the last options as i undertook several measures on second thought…please,a simple request. KINDLY STOP ALL THESE SPECULATIONS! Allow me concetrate on wat has to be done now. Thank you and good morning. I,my family and close friends ask only that of you,when ready…you will have an official release or statement but as of now…stop. Thank you.”


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