Susan Owori’s Time To Rejoice As Akon Ordered to Pay Kid Support

Susan Owori- the young sister to Sylvia Owori- could find herself in things. Well literally.

This comes after super singer Akon being ordered by a judge to cough up $5,000 a month in child support for two of his many kids he abandoned. This came after the Lonely singer fathered a kid with one Rozina Negusei (one of his many baby mamas) but later went AWOL. As part of the process of him taking responsibility, Akon had to file documents about how much money he makes. He listed his income as $40,708/month and based on that number, a judge ordered him to pony

up $5,000/month for the two kids.

According to the docs, the judge took into consideration that Akon makes SIX other child support payments. As for the rest of it … Akon’s baby mama received sole physical custody and the two will share legal custody. Akon also gets a say in all major decisions and will cover health insurance for the two boys.

And now this could be great news for our very own Susan Owori who apparently is a mother of another Akon child. There has been a constant rumor that while in London in 2009, Susan conceived Akon’s baby. However he has not provided support over the years. Now he could probably look for all his kids.

Of his child with Susan, Akon allegedly said sometime back: “It’s a boy and he’s handsome as hell.”


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