SHOCK:  Sematimba Looks Sickly In New Pictures

This fresh picture of Super FM CEO cum politician Peter Sematimba looking, er, not very ok has sent shockwaves among pals.

The shock photo of hunky Sematimba is a total contrast of his pictures yesteryears while he was on the campaign trail. The picture was taken on Thursday in Buddo during Super FM General Manager Joel Isabirye’s introduction to sweetheart Rebecca Jjingo. All the attention might have been on Isabirye and his chopper but it was Sematimba’s looks which really caught the attention of Xclusive UG.



And we have sadly learnt that the flamboyant NRM fella has been under self-imposed house arrest since around August last year, rarely moving out of his comfortable home. Though it is not clear what he is suffering from, he is not looking well because whatever the disease, it has really eaten into his complexion. A few years ago, he broke up with his wife after disagreements and he has been lately linked to a series of ladies including singer Rema Namakula.

Who Is Peter Sematimba?

Little is known about his education but Peter Sematimba attended Kings College Buddo where he dropped out in S5 for the United States in 1978 to pursue a course in medicine. While there he switched career interests moving into music and entertainment. For many years he performed in night clubs and did odd jobs in Los Angeles trying to make ends meet in hope of becoming a superstar. He also did Stand Up comedy and was known to perform at various parties for Ugandans in America. He was also good at doing the Michael Jackson act.

While working in an American company in the mid-1980s, he was told by his boss that to become rich he needed to move to a third world country where competition and labor market costs were low. He returned to Uganda in 1992 armed with studio equipment. Aged 33 at the time he plunged into the nascent entertainment scene, setting up Dungeon Studio and a group of artistes affiliated to the studio called the Dungeon Posse with whom he made concerts and made a fortune.

The artistes included Perfect Generation, Shanks Vivie Dee, Terry Devos, Steve Jean and Prim and Propa. One can safely say Sematimba made his name from Dungeon. In 1994 he was hired by Capital Radio as a DJ and he did the Jams at Eight and Capital Doctor programs. Two years later he left to help Buganda Kingdom set up CBS Radio on a lucrative contract rumored to be shs46 million a month. This was after he was approached by leading baganda to help kick start a radio for the kingdom. Among them was one Katende.

Sematimba agreed and indeed signed a management contract whereby his company Semat Productions would run CBS on behalf of the kingdom. By that time Sematimba used to cut his hair from Bayanja Men’s salon where Mulindwa Muwonge was his personal barber. While cuting Sematimba’s wetlooked hair, Mulindwa used to talk a lot about Uganda and Buganda politics. So when CBS started, Sematimba brought in Mulindwa as a political presenter. Sematimba encouraged Mulindwa to be controversial in order to win over the listeners, and indeed Mulindwa heeded to his boss’s advice.

At one time when VAT had just been introduced, Mulindwa paralyzed the

whole of Kampala as traders wanted to boycott VAT, they even at one time met the president; and it is believed they were compromised. In 2002, Sematimba and Muwonge agreed to start their own radio and break away from Mengo which had become hostile towards government. Sematimba got some key staff, and told them that he would start a station and move with them and even later give them shares.

They all agreed to leave with him, and at the end of his five year contract Sematimba left CBS with Mulindwa, Stuart Mutebi, Daudi Ochieng, Peter Loyd, Jane Namugerwa, Christine Bwangu, Kageera. Of the lot he promised shares to Daudi Ochieng, Mulindwa Muwonge and Stuart Mutebi. Super FM kicked off. This time Sematimba encouraged Mulindwa to attack Mengo.

All the programmes that Mulindwa used to do at CBS against the govt kicked off at Super FM and this time against Mengo. Sematimba cheered him on as Mulindwa attacked Mengo and the Kabaka. Soon Super FM became a darling of the movement, and when the president paid a visit to Super, he signed in the visitors book” Sematimba ne Mulindwa mukulike Mengo.” The guys kept on pushing Peter for the shares he had promised them, and he would sweet talk them and give them trips to Dubai to hoodwink them.

Daudi Ochieng was Sematimba’s vice at Super, but all the work was being done by his cousin – Mutsibika Silva (whom he later fell out with). Ocheing and Silva developed bad blood, and Sematimba used that to keep them at bay. Later Sematimba fell out with David who later joined UHMG.

The remaining guys ( Mulindwa and Stuart) requested for the shares he had promised them, but he kept on dodging them and around 2006 gave them a salary increment. Meanwhile around this time, Sematimba run for mayorship and during the campaigns voters would openly tell him that Mulindwa’s programmes were against Buganda. Sematimba however could not change much, since Mulindwa had connected him to the top brass in the country and he later changed to movement.

He later stood for Rubaga Chairmanship, and throughout all this Mulindwa was his God father in politics having introduced him to M7 and later Mbabazi. When he stood for mayorship, he again went around Kampala and people were unhappy about the attacks on Buganda from Super FM. He terribly lost, and he partly blamed Mulindwa who was the master of everything in the campaigns, and with this frustration after losing the mayoral elections, he decided to make major changes. Before this, Mulindwa approached him and they had a bitter exchange, as Mulindwa demanded for his shares or 500% salarly increment. Sematimba refused and Mulindwa slammed the door in his (Sematimba) face. This was the last blow.


-Lived in the US for 14 years

-Started Dungeon studios in 1993.

-Joined Capital FM in 1994

-He was first radio Senga in Uganda

-His father is Frederick Ssematimba and mom is Mary Ssematimba of Muswangali Zone in Makindye.

-His siblings are Steven Sematimba a businesman in Los Angeles, Andrew Sematimba a banker in South Africa. Sisters Harriet Ssematimba Galabuzi who resides in Wales and Betty Ssematimba Mukasa who is also in the Los Angeles. -He did his primary at Norman Gordino primary school currently called Buganda Road P/S.

–Joined Kings College Budo as a student in S1 in 1975.

-Quit in 1979 while in S5 doing PCB for the US -Dropped out of Azusa University Southern California due to lack of fees.

-He is married to Juliet Sematimba with three lovely daughters Tendo Namubiru 12, Suubi Namutebi 8 and Ssanyu Nsangi 2.


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