Ivan Donates Shs165M Car To Side Dish


Insecure Ivan Ssemwanga has admitted that he donated his $62,900 (Shs165 million) BMW convertible car to his side dish Nickita.

This, he confessed amid fresh reports that he could be set to split with his wife of ten years, Zari Hassan. When Zari left Ivan last year, the loaded fella hooked a hot gal Nickita and the pair enjoyed steamy moments together.


Zari on the other hand dated basketball star, Isaac Lugudde. The lovers later got back together after their short reckless stints but lately

all has not been well. However amid split rumors, Ivan has come out now and admitted that he donated his BMW 335i to Nickita for the sex he gave him.

This won’t be good news for Zari who thought that Ivan had donated the car to one of his brothers. This news came when a one Jalil expressed interest in buying the posh ride, but Ivan simply told him of how he had already given it out as a gift to Nickita.

A few days ago Zari has been posting weird posts that could signal the end of her marriage to Ivan. A few days ago she posted: “Relationships are like glass. Sometimes it’s better to leave them broken than to hurt yourself putting it back together!” We are watching…


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