Breast Cancer More Aggressive in Men- New Study


Worldwide, one out of every 100 cases of breast cancer is male. According to records from the radiotherapy department at Mulago
Hospital, five to six new cases of male breast cancer are registered every year. While men are less at risk than women, their chances of
surviving the ailment are lower as men because the male breast tissue is smaller than that of women and therefore quickly ravaged by thecancer.

In commemoration of this year’s International Women’s Day, UHMG in partnership with USAID Uganda, AAR and Integrated HIV
Counselling and Testing Kampala has taken a stand to ensure that men too, receive regular testing and attention that is given to their
female counterparts by spearheading a drive for free Breast Cancer screening for couples for the period between Mar 1 2013 – Mar 8 2013.

“We would like to take advantage of the International Women’s Day to highlight the plight of Breast Cancer among Men. We are therefore encouraging all men to support the women they love this Women’s Day week by going with them for FREE breast cancer screening at any AAR or Good Life Clinic” said Daudi Ochieng the Communications

Manager, USAID Uganda Goodlife Integrated HIV Counselling and Testing Services Project.

Most male breast cancer patients tend to seek treatment in advanced stages of the disease since they rarely get screened for breast cancer. Women are more likely to feel the tumour while breastfeeding, bathing, or through self-breast examination. “If detected in the first year there is an 88% chance of survival making it important for regular checkups in order to save the lives of men and women alike.” Added Mr. Ochieng. Although cancer of the breast is not directly linked with HIV, the rates of all cancers have doubled with the advent of HIV. According to experts, HIV has increased incidence and prevalence of cancer. 50% of cancer patients at Hospice
Africa Uganda HIV-positive.

To that end, couples who go for Breast Cancer screening together at AAR & Good Life Clinics will also access Free HIV/AIDS  Counselling and Testing during this time to improve quality of life through early diagnosis and integrated HCT services.

Participating AAR Clinics include; Acacia Health Centre, City Health Centre, Kabalagala Health Centre, Ntinda Health Centre and Bugolobi Health Centre, while the following Good Life Clinics will also offer this free service: Ntinda Hospital, Alpha Medical Clinic, Ikan Medical Centre, The International Medical Foundation, Kairos Medical Centre, and Mulago II Medical Centre among others.


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