Former lovers Zari Hassan and Isaac Lugudde have rekindled their biff. This comes just days after Lugudde revealed that Zari is a tigress in bed.

In an interview with a media house, Lugudde said: “Dude, bitch knows how to play her game and she is wicked and wild. She’s a mixture between an Alien and zombie in bed.” Now Zari has been sending abusive messages to Lugudde.

And now furious Lugudde has shot back. This is what he has just

posted on his facebook page: “Nobody ever trashed u or did anyone mention ur name apart frm if we talk and that’s a no! Nor did I give out ur number! Attention seeker? Plz, nobody is the Boss like u in that department! Ur a drama Queen n brother can careless! By now if u don’t know journalists spin stories, then ur mad and don’t know the industry! I’ve been silent lettin u thro shots, but now ur crossing the line! Sell ur rented Lambo 2 buy class.”


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