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News just in indicates that Emesse singer Captain Dolla survived death after he forego a drink mixed with poison over the weekend. This was in Mukono during a gig in one of the bars. This is what he has just posted on his facebook wall: “Some1 poisoned ma drink wen i waz in mukono 4 a sho, bt thnk God dat person waz seen by sme1 hu stopt me 4rm tekin d drink, bt wts wrong wid ugandanz??????………….”
In a recent interview with Xclusive UG the singer revealed that top artistes had issued him with death threats following the massive
success of his song Emesse. However he did not mention names. Here we reproduce the full interview;

Xclusive Ug: Tell us about yourself and where you have been?

Dolla: I was born Lawrence Arenka to Basoga parents Aryenka Dawson and
Aryenka Irene in 1993. I have been at school busy reading for UACE
exams which I completed last December. I am now in my vacation waiting
to join campus. I went to Police Children’s Primary School in Mkaindye
then Mukono Parents for O’level and St. Peter’s SS Nsambya for
advanced education.

Xclusive Ug: When did you realize that you wanted to be a singer?
Dolla: I have loved music since I was a kid and was an active member
of the drama clubs at school and I excelled at it. I wrote Emesse in
2011 during one of the holidays but recorded it last year. It is my
first release but I have other unfinished projects in studio.

Xclusive Ug: You have no job so how did you get money to pay for
studio and video shoots?
Dolla: I was lucky because ‘Emesse’ was recorded my childhood friend
Producer Jox free of charge because he knew I did not have money. As
for the video part, my elder sister has been very supportive
financially. She is now acting as my manager and has also been
marketing the song.

Xclusive Ug: What are some of the challenges you have faced as an
upcoming artiste?
Dolla: There is a lot of competition because singers are very many yet
some don’t wish you well. I have received threatening messages from
hating singers (even big ones) telling me to quit singing because they
are threatened by my determination to succeed.  There is also a
problem of money because the industry is now money oriented. Everyone
including DJs, radio presenters and emcees want money before they can
play your song or

let you step on stage.

Xclusive Ug: Is there any singer you look up to for inspiration?
Dolla: Yeah, Dr. Jose Chameleone is my mentor. Every time I hear his
songs or look at him, i get a feeling that I can also make to where he
is because he also started from scratch like me.

Xclusive Ug: Any collabos anytime soon?
Dolla: Just one ‘Luga-Flow Anthem’ with my brother Mezay. But if I
were to record one, it would be with Coco Finger and Radio Mowzey
because they are really talented and Cindy too.

Xclusive Ug: With a song this hot, i am sure you have a long list of
artistes begging for remixes…
Dolla: Yeah, they are so many but I am not ready to do remix yet. The
likes of Mun*G have tried but I feel it’s too soon because they might
dominate the song since am still upcoming. But if I were to remix the
song, I would like to do it with Coco Finger.
Xclusive Ug: So what is the real message behind the lyrics of the Emesse song?
Dolla: Different people have interpreted the lyrics differently but
personally, I was talking about an actual rat because I know almost
all gals are afraid of them. So they awake their husbands or
boyfriends in the middle of the night to kill the rats are making them
sleepless. But people have interpreted it as an obscene song which is
not the case.

Xclusive Ug: Did you expect Emesse to become this big?
Dolla: Honestly, I did not but while in studio, I was praying it does
well on the airwaves. I am so happy and glad that it gained this much
attention. It makes me want to work harder to release another good
song. I am very grateful to all who helped me work on the song.

Xclusive Ug: What are you saying to the people who have already
branded you a one hit wonder claiming it was by accident?
Dolla: Those are the haters am talking about, they don’t like it when
others are doing something good for myself. Am putting my all next
song Omulembe because I want it to do better than Emesse and I want to
prove wrong all my doubters that I am not a one hit wonder.

Xclusive Ug: How do you feel when hear Emesse playing on radio or in clubs?
Dolla: It is a great feeling of joy and excitement. I feel like I am
living my dream every time I listen to people requesting for it on
radio and TVs.


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