Police Speak Out On Chameleone Murder Case

Police has released a statement on Jose Chameleone denying alleged bias in the case involving the death of the intruder at his home last month.
“We have received numerous reports and allegations that our Crime Intelligence Officer based in Kajjansi Police Station is a fan of Jose Chameleone and he even has Jose’s Song as his ring back tone.
They allege that Police cannot arrest Chameleone.
We would like to take this opportunity to inform the nation, that when the incident of Robert Karamagi happened at Chameleone’s home in Kajjansi. Chameleone reported a case of Criminal Tresspass at Kajjansi Police Station, a file was opened to that effect.
When Karamagi passed on, the relatives reported to the Police station that their son was tied and set ablaze by Jose and his group.
We opened up a General Enquiry File (GEF) to that

Both files were taken over by the Regional Police Commander, based in Katwe. The investigations were completed .
We have assembled both files and sent to the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) for perusal and legal advice.
We are waiting for his advice.
The question of our officer being a fan of Jose does not arise as the files are no longer in the hands of Kajjansi Police but the Regional Police Commander.
We what to assure the general public that in Uganda Police we do not favor or fear anyone while carrying out our duties. Whether, one is of a high class or low class. The constitution mandates us to serve everybody equally.
When Chameleone’s file comes back from the DPP that he should be arrested, we shall do that without hesitation.

Robert Karamagi shortly before he died

Robert Karamagi shortly before he died

Source: Police Press Unit



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