Sarah Kizito and Godfrey Nyakana

FORGET sex kittens — “cougars” are taking the world of dating by
storm. The term was coined in America and refers to women who look to
date men at least eight years their junior. Internationally actress
Demi Moore is often referred to as the original cougar. But she’s just
one of a whole host of female stars who have bagged themselves a
toyboy. The likes of J-Lo, Madonna and Lauren Pope have all got cosy
with younger men. Here in Uganda, there is a clique of mature women in
the city who have made it a habit to nail young boys. These chics,
call them cougars, are very loaded, cruise posh rides and sleep in
swanky uptown bungalows. Most of these cougars hound city night clubs,
bars, hotels and beaches, where they hook up young, energetic lads for
pleasure. This luxurious racket is however most pronounced in the
entertainment industry, where countless celebs have been hooked up by
cougars that bankroll their careers and demand mutual pleasure in
return for their ‘generosity.’ The list of male celebs that have been
linked to or enjoyed the services of cougars is endless but here are
the vigilantes, with some cougar relationships still going strong,
while others have hit the rocks…

GNL with Becky at police

GNL Zamba and Becky Emmonz
Baboon Forest Records boss GNL Zamba battled a scandalous relationship
with his cougar one Becky Emmonz. Sweden based Becky dragged GNL to
police, accusing him of conning her of millions. However, it later
turned out GNL had dumped Becky and hooked a much younger Ruth Gilian,
something that did not go down well with Becky.

Jamal Wasswa and Leticia Sebowa
Singer Jamal Waswa nearly vanished from earth when a very old lady
Leticia Sebowa claimed that he was her lover, allegations the singer
strongly denied. Their affair became sour with nasty accusations.
However Jamal maintained he did not know her. Interestingly she
confiscated her Toyota Mark II car which she claimed to have bought
him. He never resisted.

Dr. Jose Chameleone and Madam Cheri Adyeri
It would be an understatement to say that Cheri has supported Jose
Chameleone in his career. She has been there for him in everything.
Whenever Chameleone wanted a few coins to push through a day, week,
month or year, he would think of only one person. Madam Cheri Adyeri.
And she never disappointed him.

Dr. Jose Chameleone and Graent Osea (Dorotia)
While still struggling to up her music

career in the early 2000’s, Dr.
Jose Chameleone ran to the much older Belgian Grent Osea for financial
help. She gave it to him and in return he fathered her baby Ayla
Mayanja. Nuff said!

Dr. Hilderman and Cissy Namuddu
Dr. Hilderman and Cissy Namuddu
Singer Dr. Hilderman has not just dated a much older woman. He has
married one! Cissy Namuddu, Hilderman’s better half is much older than
the singer. She has been there for him almost all through his career.
However when he made it in life, he had planned on abandoning her
until she threatened him with legal redress, after reminding him of
all that she had done for him all his music life. He is contracted to
be with her for life.

Eddy Kenzo and Promoter Aisha
The musician has for a long time been said to be involved with a
mature babe only identified as Aisha. However, Aisha has also been
linked to a top army man, thus putting Kenzo’s life at stake. Pals say
she is the reason the singer released ‘Ogenda kunzisa’, in which he
tells a story of a man who wants to kill him for a babe. Aisha is a
promoter and handled Bobi Wine Tugambire Ku Jennifer concert in
November last year.
Sizza Kayemba and Straka Mwezi
Well theirs can pass as a normal relationship since Straka is not that
old. However she’s been on the social scene forever and she is a few
years older than Sizza. After enjoying numerous city boy including
singers Kid Fox, Diamond Oscar, she finally landed Sizzaman and even
coveted hopes of marrying him, although the wedding flopped. The pair
even have a baby together.

Sylvie Owori and Malik Kalisa

Malik Kalisa and Sylvia Owori
Kick boxer Malik Kalisa is currently Sylvie Owori’s lover boy. He was
even the reason fashionista Owori split with her white hubby Perr Munk
Nielsen. Apparently Kalisa is the best thing to ever happen to Owori.
In bed!





Godfrey Nyakana with Sarah Kizito

Godfrey Nyakana and Sarah Kizito

Former boxer and city businessman is married Sarah Kizito- better
known as Lady Charlotte- who is way older than him. Sarah Kizito now
known as Sarah Nyakana is believed to be one of the richest women in
Kampala. Her old daughter from a previous recently got married to a
Nigerian oga.

To be continued…


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