Alexandra Burke has a tough read in the tabs today (March 16) – her 18-year-old brother has been exposed as a drug dealer.

Aaron Burke has been outed as a cocaine peddler who supplies to “A-list” clients, using his sister’s profile to dish out narcotics to the rich and famous. “I can get the best stuff – as much as you want. I get it for celebrities I’ve met because of my sister,” he was caught saying.

His career path is a second choice, at least – he auditioned for The X Factor twice.

From the papers and beyond:

Rap mogul Suge Knight has been caught up in more trouble again – he got in a fist fight in Los Angeles. Video footage has emerged of him throwing haymakers at a man half his size at the Aria Hotel in Las Vegas – but he didn’t actually land any hits (

Elbow’s Guy Garvey has joined the iPhone Angry Birds brigade, we read. The singer said he’s become rather taken with the hugely-popular game. “I’m an Angry Birds ninja,” he

said. “My thumbs are impressive” (Daily Star).

Adele’s enormous fame has a bit of a flipside – one of the tabs has tracked down her dad for an interview about her. Her pa Mark Evans posed for snaps and admitted being a “rotten” dad to the singer, mainly because he boozed so much (The Sun).

Plan B still hasn’t been sent his Brit gong despite winning in the Best British Male category last month. “I know most celebs stick them above the loo but they haven’t actually sent it to me yet,” he moaned. “It would be nice if they got a move on” (The Sun).

Muse’s Matt Bellamy is still having to get used to paparazzi lenses snapping away at him – although he seems to be taking it well. While reclining on holiday in Mexico he seemed to giggle as he and his other half, Kate Hudson, spotted a lensman grabbing a sneaky picture (Daily Mirror).

Girls Aloud’s Sarah Harding has an interesting priority list for her wedding, we read. According to one red top she’s “spent more time working on what’s going under the dress than the gown itself”. She’s due to get hitched to her boyfriend Tom Crane


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