Eddy Kenzo

Stranded in Ivory Coast in west Africa, Ugandan superstar Eddy Kenzo held yet another Facebook live address and talked about various issues.

The Stamina singer touched various issues ranging from music to politics.
Here are the big talking points from his address.

1. Stop cyber-bullying.
2. Media houses and celebrities should create a fair play ground to solve so issues.
3. TV and radio presenters who talk ill about celebrities some time it’s not because they want but their jobs call for that.
4. He thanked Spark

TV and NBS TV for harmonizing their gossip shows.
5. The Kampala Sun and the Bukedde TV gossip show do not building the music industry, but just breaking it down to small parts.
6. Radio presenter Kasuku of Dembe FM is a “cyber-bully”. He is toxic.
7. He thanked MC Ibra for the apology which created peace and harmony with singer Lydia Jazmine.
8. He talked about The way Social media is treating his Ex lover Rema which he didn’t like at all.
9. He talked about spreading LOVE among each other.
10. He finally gave his view on politics and advised Ugandans to stay united regardless of which political party you support.


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