RKampala has made a name flaunting cash on Facebook

A city socialite and businessman, RKampala- known for flaunting money on Facebook- is being investigated again for cyber crimes.

According to our CID Crime source, RKampala’s police file has been reopened.
The fella was arrested earlier this year over cyber con jobs including hacking Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) hackers.

However, he was dubiously released and his file closed after allegedly bribing officers in CMI and Central Police Station (CPS).
But upon request, the file has been reopened and investigations have kicked off. Thanks police officers who handled the case also face arrest.

Known as The Boss, Robert

Kampala (RK) is smart and has invested his stolen cash in Kampala.
This website can reveal that RK has invested in the entertainment industry by opening a recording studio, RK Records, located on Salama Road in Makindye, a Kampala suburb.

He has also invested in various musicians including King Michael, Spice Diana, Catherine Kusasira, Eddy Kenzo among others.

RKampala has invested in tourism among others

Robert Kampala is also into the hospitality and tourism sector with RK Kampala Tours and Travel Investments.

He is also in charity and has been in Fort Portal- his place of origin- where he has donated to the poor and needy.


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