Bars, night clubs, churches, mosques will remain closed until atleast August, this is according to the latest information coming through.


President Yoweri Museveni is set to meet Cabinet tomorrow (Monday) morning before he addresses the nation on the way forward.
On Monday this week, the president gave cabinet four days to draw a plan on how to reopen Uganda from lockdown.

The country was shut more than a month ago as a ruthless yet effective means to defeat the killer Covid-19 pandemic.
Since the lockdown, most Ugandans have been staying home with less activity going on in the country.

While the country was expected to be massively opened, two community Covid-19 infections that have been recorded in Uganda are said to be a massive setback.
Now new measures are being discussed with some suggesting that cabinet has advised the president to stay the lockdown for atleast another 14 days.

According to our sources, Museveni is against this and wants- as already planned- partial ease on lockdown but with entertainment places, religious gatherings prohibited for atleast another 90 days starting 6th May.

This applies to music concerts, sports activities as well.

Earlier this week, we told of how a State House source told us that in the country’s “new normal” commuters using public transport and people in cities will have to wear masks.

The source futher warned that inorder to keep crowding to a minimum, restaurants and hotels will

be tasked with setting tough measures of limiting customers from exceeding a special number.

They will also have to close business by 7pm.
And this new normal will be in place for the forseeable future.

Borders will stay shut to persons with only cargo truck continuing operations.
Already, a truck will only be allowed on driver.

The State House said: “There will be no return to life as it was – instead we face a ‘new normal’ even once lockdown is eased.

“We may be able to occasionally see our closest loved ones – but interactions will be limited and for a while there will be no larger gatherings.

“While non-essential shops will be able to reopen after introducing social distancing measures, it is difficult to see how this can safely be extended to bars, restaurants or social spaces in a practicable way soon.”

Working from home must continue where possible, and this will be hugely encouraged.

People travelling on public transport must wear “non-medical face coverings to reduce the risk to others.”
Curfew time, we are told, will be eased by an hour to 8pm. This, Museveni, believes will go time to travellers to reach home in time.

Operators of public transport such as buses, taxis can start their engines on Wednesday 6th May but must ensure social distancing for their passengers. This means that they will have less than their usual carrying capacity to be in compliance.

Motorbikes will not be allowed to carry passengers but continue to ferry goods. Private transport will also resume but restricted to the same city.


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