Comedian Patrick Idringi Salvador has termed legislator Bobi Wine’s rejection of the proposed Shs20 million Covid-19 money for MPs as a cheap shot at gaining sympathy.

Salvador wonders why MPs like Bobi Wine and Francis Zaake did not reject the proposal to award the MPs money in the first place.

Yesterday, Bobi Wine wrote: “Let me clarify that I have not received this money. Should it be deposited on my account, I will immediately order my bank to return it to the Consolidated Fund and demand that it is put to

its proper purpose. We must learn to empower institutions and not seek to enrich individuals.”

Hours later, Zaake wrote to Parliament rejecting the money as well.
Salvador is not convinced. He wrote: “The money was suggested, debated upon and approved in parliament by all MPs present. There was no public notice during the debate.

So none of them should come out to say anything trying to be self righteous because once approved that Money can’t go back, if you return it, it ends up in someone’s else’s pocket .. you approved the money, please enjoy or help others with it in Peace.”

This definitely won’t go well with you know who…


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