President Yoweri Museveni last night, 8th March, once again addressed the nation about Covid-19.

Here are the key highlights from President Museveni’s address to the nation:

1. The issue of Coronavirus is a matter of life and death. It superseded all others considerations like our individual convenience or education or our businesses etc. As such, we should avoid a language of normalcy during a period which is abnormal.

2. No exercising in public. Exercising should be done within your house area;

3. Security personnel barred from beating

people. They should handle security issues firmly but legally.

4. Boda bodas should not be seen carrying passengers at all. As for those who carry luggage or are involved in home deliveries, they must stop at 2PM. They are not to be seen on the road after 2PM.

5. Politicians distributing food should be arrested immediately for endangering the lives of the electorate.

6. Landlords should not evict tenants who fail to pay rent. The unpaid rent can be recovered after the Corona challenge has subsided

7. Double cabins and pick up vehicles which are not carrying cargo should not be on the road.


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