The President of the Uganda Musicians Association, Sophie Gombya, has revealed music producer Daddy Andre’s studio will be closed in order to carry out thorough investigations.

Daddy Andre is currently battling sexual harassment allegations after various upstarting female musicians accused him of sex crimes.

In her words, Sophie Gombya is not convinced with how Daddy Andre behaved in the music Industry and sources revealed that he’s going to be handled seriously.

Andre’s studio is going to be closed by the committee until he is exonerated of the allegations.

“This is a matter we have to handle carefully because it affects the whole industry. If there is need to close the studio, we shall do that. We need to get to the bottom of the matter,” Sophie Gombya said on television.

Andre is accused of sexual allegations by various artistes.

A Belgium based Cameroonian singer known as Ayahnash who was in Uganda back in 2018 joined the list of female musicians claiming that music producer Daddy Andre assaulted her sexually.

Appearing on NBS Uncut show last evening, Ayahnash claimed that she was brutally harrased by Daddy Andre when she came to Uganda and wanted to record a song at his Studio but instead the man ended up turning violent and wanted to to rape her.

Ayahnash has described Andre as a sex maniac who needs help.

She also went ahead to claim that she has more evidence of WhatsApp chats as Daddy Andre refused to give her the song for denying him sex.

In a chilling video call from Belgium, Ayahnash tells of how Andre followed her to the toilet and peeped as she made a short call.
All this time, she was not aware he was spying on her.
“I turned to get dressed and saw him standing there. I confronted him and asked why and for how long was he there, he simply told me I was the most beautiful girl he’s ever seen and that he wanted to marry me,” Ayahnash said, and adds- “I sternly warned

him against such behavior. I reminded him I was at his studio for work.
But as I was moving out, he fiercely pushed me to the bed and wanted to jump on top of me.
Somehow, I managed to stop him.”

Ayahnash is a 26 year old singer, real names Favour Manyor but popularly known by her stage name Ayahnash and she is a Cameroonian singer based in Belgium.

She has joined a list of female musicians including J Pafra, Nadia Rania and Amber Christ Movie.

She joined a list of female musicians including J Pafra, Nadia Rania and Amber Christ Movie.

Human rights activist Hon. Miria Matembe called upon police to arrest music producer Daddy Andre as allegations of sexual assault continue to rock the music industry.

So far, three female artistes have accused the talented music producer and singer of sexual harrasment.
Nadia Rania, Jesca Pafra and Amber Christ came out and alleged that Daddy Andre sexually abused them.

Nadia Rania said Daddy Andre kept on frustrating her after she had paid for the video shoot in a effort to have her. She even shared screenshots of Daddy Andre asking her to come over to his place.

Amber Christ alleged that Daddy Andre had sex with her live in his studio, conned her 3m and later blocked her.

Jesca Pafra also narrated how she survived Andre’s forceful sexual advances after she travelled from Kasese to Andre’s Studio in Najeera and the ‘Sikikukweka’ singer started caressing and squeezing her.

Now Hon. Matembe has urged all musicians who have been abused by the producer to report him to police.

“The girls need to report him to police so that he can be detained and arrested. Very many take advantage of women. This is unacceptable,” Matembe said.

Miria Matembe has been a strong proponent for and an advocate of women’s rights in Uganda. For over two decades beginning in 1989, she was a member of Uganda’s parliament.
She worked in the Ugandan government as minister for ethics and integrity from 1998 to 2003, after which time she became a member of the Pan-African Parliament representing Uganda.


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