Man of God, Prophet Elvis Mbonye, has claimed he knew about the deadly COVID-19 sometime last year before the pandemic hit China.

In a video circulating on social media, Mbonye says Coronovirus is one of the prophesied he received from God but decided against telling the public because he feared no one would believe him.

“The virus is one of the prophesied that I got, that it would come from China and affect many people. It was simple and straightforward,” Mbonye claims.

His claim comes two

weeks after the hugely popular pastor claimed there would be no virus I Uganda.

On 16th March, prophet Elvis Mbonye told his legion of followers, The Remnants, that the deadly Coronavirus would never bother Uganda.

He said Jesus had told him so. They had a conversation, so he claimed.
“I had a conversation with Jesus over the weekend, and he assured me that he covered us (Ugandans) in his blood,” the prophet was quoted.

“Amen,” the Remnants shouted back as they widely cheered.

Less than a week later, the first case of Corona was confirmed in Uganda.
And now we are at 44 cases.



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