Investigative Kenyans have dug into the private life of Ivy Brenda Cherotich and managed through as her leaked Whats App conversations have found their way on the interwebs.

How Kenyans got hold of the nudes hours after her being paraded as the survivor is still a conundrum.

On Wednesday, Health Cabinet Secretary, Mutahi Kagwe, paraded Brenda and her lover Brian as two Kenyan patients who had recovered from COVID19. The two even had a video chat with President Uhuru Kenyatta who even promised to meet them at State House in the coming days.

In a video conference call with President Uhuru Kenyatta at State House, Nairobi, an elated Brenda, and Brian (another recovered patient) told of the 23-day quarantine period at Mbagathi Hospital and how they managed to pull through.

Retracing her journey, Brenda said she first arrived in Texas, USA on December 19, 2019, then proceeded to Cleveland, Ohio, finally making a stop in London, United Kingdom.

“I suspect I may have contracted Coronavirus in London after coughing for three days. I decided to give myself one day to see how my body would respond.”

However, as things were not improving, Ivy a former beauty queen who competed under Miss Tourism, did the rightful thing and presented herself at Mbagathi hospital in Nairobi.

“I had seen from the news while in the US that there was an isolation ward at Mbagathi so I took myself there.”

Brenda was praised by Uhuru for being

brave in coming out and taking herself to the hospital once she became aware of the symptoms. He said the two (Brenda and Brian) showed that Kenyans can not only contain this disease but can also treat the virus and get out of it.

“You are special because upon your arrival and you feeling that you were not well… without being pushed, you took it upon yourself realizing that you had the risk to harm others and take yourself to Kenyatta National Hospital. This is a moment of pride… we are proud of you Brenda… you were able to inform us all the people you were in contact with. We are celebrating your were able to limit your contacts and identify them and trace them…and there is no single are a very wonderful and brave girl..” said the President.

Hours after Brenda personally delivered the news that warmed the hearts of millions of Kenyans and left millions of others in a catch twenty-two situation. Soon after, her never-seen-before photos of the reigning Miss Tourism Kenya Hospitality have emerged online.

Never seen before photos were shared by a local gossip and entertainment tabloid
Here are the full leaked photos and conversations as shared by a Kenyan on Twitter…


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