She might have said Yes when he proposed last month, but music star Cindy Sanyu could be having second thoughts about becoming actor Joel Akuyo Atiku’s second wife.

Earlier this week, it emerged that the celebrated actor had proposed to Cindy. She accepted his marriage proposal.

However moments later, it emerged Atiku was not as straight as first thought.
It emerged he was already married and photos of his official wife and kids made the rounds.

The wife goes by names of Dollyiantha Phiona Mukasa aka Dolly Bubu (Facebook names), Dollybubu on Instagram.

Dollyiantha is also an actress.

It was also revealed that between 2012-14, Atiku was on more than one occasion arrested

for leading a racket of crooks into trafficking of innocent teenage girls.

All this information, it emerged, Cindy never knew.

And in her latest social media post, the talented musician seems to suggest she is having second thoughts.
Just maybe.

The Mateeka singer posted a photo of ‘West Nilers’ who seemed to be welcoming Cindy home following their prince’s proposal.
That’s ok.

But the caption she accompanied the photo.

She wrote: “This is funny and so sweet. Thanks for the love my west nile family. Maybe soon you will be my inlaws.
Now that all shows are cancelled let’s all be careful and take care each other. Wash your hands. Good morning.”

Eagle-eyed followers will have noticed the word ‘maybe’, and now many believe she could be having second thoughts.
Just maybe.


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