Local model and fashionista Bettinah Tiana Tumuhaise has given a New York pub an ultimatum or sue management for using her photo without her consent.

Yes, let that sink in.

Ok, Bettinah took to social media to announce her intention to sue.

This what she wrote: “I didn’t want to address this but today is just not the day.
So a couple of people have sent me, my photo hanging in one club in New York City

This is to

inform everyone that I’ve not sold or authorized anyone to put my portrait anywhere more so a club.

If you know the owner of Amarachi, a popular Nigerian spot in NYC, USA
Please send them this, I need them to contact me or take down my portrait from their club.”

This is not the first time she’s warning people over the usage of her photos.
Sometime in 2019, Bettinah warned social media users against using her pics without her permission.


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