By Shadrack Mutebi

Dear Dad Amaal, I have been forced to write this letter as a way of awakening your desire and previous ambitions of fighting for a free and fair political atmosphere in this country.

From the time you met President Museveni, Kenzo you chose to discontruct all the efforts and morale yourself had built in Ugandans with the same background like you do against fighting for equal rights and justice.

Eddie, your Biwoobe hit and system Volongoto gave lots of hope to the oppressed majority that if KYAGULANYI is not on stage atleast the ghetto had their own. KENZO, don’t forget that it was always the same ghetto People who voted for you massively every time you were nomited for an international award (NOT NRM GOVT).

Eddy Kenzo, the noise you are hearing about people boycotting your show has nothing to do with you as an individual but rather your changed approach towards the struggle after visiting state House.

Kenzo, the same people who used to call you young Mandela and Papa are currently the

ones fighting to ensure your show flops. Do you know why?

The rich that you treasure now didn’t welcome you when life was hard, none of them would associate with you then, they didn’t give you a shoulder to lean on when you wanted just one meal a day to survive but BOBI WINE did..He gave you a platform, studio and foundation that you needed to raise to stardom.

Kenzo, the people you are praising now don’t care about the EDIRISA MUSUZA part of your life, all their focus is at Eddy Kenzo who is a star but not the MUSUZA which Mr KYAGULANYI stood with- The common people feel betrayed, they feel not appreciated of the support they have rendered towards making you a star…

Kenzo your musical parent Mr KYAGULANYI can’t even stage a show in Bugiri or at his own Beach One love But yourself are yet to have one at a well known political ground “Kololo Air strip” WHO IS FOOLING WHO “Yet you keep telling us that you are not political”. (THINK ABOUT IT)



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