The president has of late sought the help of musicians on his political side

By Dixon Okello

What is the fuss about artists and comedians, both gospel and secular, dealing with politicians on business lines? We should understand that artistes, can work with politicians,on fairly and strictly business relations,with no strings attached whatsoever.

Politicians and political parties,are good partners for our artists,but they are always afraid, to do business with them,because of what the general public and their fans, are likely to say.

A journalist, can write several positive articles, about different politicians

or political parties and nobody will tag him or her, as belonging to one of the parties, but let an artistes do a song for a political party , eyebrows will be raised.

I always wonder,Why fans of artists,think it is okay for their idols, to do business with institutions like MTN when in actual fact, they use Airtel or Orange as their phone-lines (private numbers)? It is the same understanding with artists,working with politicians ,on business grounds.

Our artists, must also eat,so let`s allow them especially in this period of dryness,to make some money from these politicians.
We shouldn’t throw bottles,at them when they are performing on stage.


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